Friday the 13th Tattoo Special Bonanza at Black Cat Collective in Perkasie, Pa!

Just a reminder: Here’s the rules! If there are any questions or you need clarification feel free to comment, message us, call us (215)257-3234, or email us at!
1. First come, first served! There will be a sign in sheet. We will take 25 clients at 12pm and another 25 clients at 5pm to allow our working friends a chance at this deal. Please be patient!
2. When your name is next on our list, we will call you at the number you provided. You have 15 MINUTES to return to the shop or we will call the next name and you will need to sign up again.
3. No holding spots for other people. Please sign in for only yourself!
4. Only designs off of the flash sheets will be tattooed. All designs are as-is. No resizing.
5. We will not take requests for artists. You will be tattooed according to artist availability.
6. Arms and legs ONLY.
7. Please bring proper ID (driver’s license, state ID, passport. For minors, a photo ID for BOTH child and parent/guardian AND child’s birth certificate/custody papers)
8. Tattoos are $13 with a mandatory $7 tip, but tipping more is always appreciated!
9. The Olde Towne Tavern located across the street from the studio is giving a free drink to anyone being tattooed on Friday the 13th. Seating and food is also available as our lobby may fill up quickly. You must be 21.
Honest Josh, Josh Teague, and Casey Ploof will all be here and so will Sarah Morgan! See you all Friday! @honestjosh @caseyploof01 @jteague_tattooer @sarahmonstrosity
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Author: Black Cat Collective

Black Cat Collective is a tattoo and piercing studio in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. 512 W. Market St. 215-257-3234

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