✨ Update 🌞

The governor has pushed the closures for non-essential businesses back to April 6th. We are complying with all of these orders. If you have an appointment before April 6th we will contact you this week.

We are taking this one order at a time, so if you have an appointment after April 6th we will not be contacting you to reschedule unless something changes. If you would like to reschedule please contact us.
We are continuing to honor all deposits and Black Friday sale prices.
Our piercers will also continue to be on call via Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, we appreciate and love all of you 💕 From Black Cat Collective Tattoo and Piercing Perkasie https://ift.tt/2JbeD0o

In response to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, we are switching our schedule to APPOINTMENT ONLY until April 1st. We ask that anyone with an appointment does not bring any friends, family or non-essential guests. This will limit the amount of people in the studio during these next critical weeks. If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone not feeling well, please do not come in for your appointment. We will honor all sales or deposits no matter the time frame of rescheduling. ⭐️Piercings: We will be taking appointments only for piercings. Anyone can call to schedule. If you have a piercing emergency or a simple jewelry change, we still ask that you call for an appointment. ⭐️Tattoos: We will be contacting all appointments scheduled before April 1st to discuss options and the limits on bringing people with to the studio. If you have an appointment before April 1st and we do not call you, please contact us.
As body art practitioners our staff is trained to treat each client as if they are affected by bloodborne and airborne pathogens. We take extensive measures to disinfect all procedure surfaces in our studio between each client. Common areas where procedures are not taking place are disinfected several times daily. The frequency of these measures has been increased in all areas of the studio. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the studio and there are three hand washing sinks that are disinfected regularly, which are available for anyone’s use.

Please bear with us while things in Bucks County are quickly changing. We will keep everyone as up to date as possible. We profusely apologize for the inconvenience of any rescheduling that takes place. We know you have all waited patiently for your appointments. We appreciate all of your understanding ❤ From Black Cat Collective Tattoo and Piercing Perkasie https://ift.tt/2Wdj2aV

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